Tata Hitachi


Why Tata Hitachi?

The vision that drives us is to provide Reliable Solutions for building a greater tomorrow. At Tata Hitachi, performing meaningful work with a sense of purpose is what motivates us to achieve exemplary results.

Challenges related to an increasingly competitive business landscape, technological advancements, fast changing customer expectations and the need for rapid response stimulates an exciting and high performing work environment.

Learning & Development

Tata Hitachi believes in Kaizen: Continuous improvement. A culture of continuous learning and development supports high performance in our organisation. Be it through the Shuttle Project, in classroom, virtual, on-the-job, e-learning, experiential or other methods: learning never stops at Tata Hitachi.

Mentoring and nurturing of talent is a way of life with us.

Higher education schemes encourage and support employees’ need for continuing education.

Awards & Recognition

Understanding career aspirations and creating opportunities for growth and development has resulted in our organization winning the Great Place To Work accolade two years in a row.

The organization has also been awarded the Superbrand badge for 2019 – 2020.

Happy Workplace

Team work, an open-door culture, freedom to try new things, fair treatment - free from any form of discrimination - and going that extra mile to take care of employees has resulted in creating a happy workplace at Tata Hitachi.


Never short of occasions for employees to come together for celebrations, at Tata Hitachi we celebrate festivals, birthdays, anniversaries with great gusto and fervour.

Family Days and EKIDEN Marathon at our plants celebrate the spirit of an extended family.

Year-round sports events strengthen team spirit and employee bonding.